The laboratory of Mechanisms Underlying Behavior, located at Biopolis and at E6 Yale-NUS Labs is directed by Associate Professor Ajay S Mathuru.

The fundamental question that drives research in our laboratory is gaining a better understanding of how brains operate to generate behavior.

Painted in Waterlogue
Schematic of an adult male zebrafish

We use a small, easy to rear vertebrate for our studies. In the past decade or so, a suite of techniques that allow genetic manipulation, behavioral analysis and neurophysiological observations have been developed that have made the zebrafish an immensely powerful system to study the genetic and neural mechanisms that underpin vertebrate behavior.

Vertebrates with smaller brains where genetic engineering can be applied with relative ease offer an unusual opportunity to uncover fundamental principles governing emergent behavior. With this as a long term goal, we focus on behaviors motivated by rewards or punishments or cues that predict either.

FIND us @ 8-14, Proteos, Biopolis Way, Singapore – 138673

FIND us @ E6, Yale-NUS Research Labs, 5 Engineering Drive 1, Singapore 117608

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